Our mission:

A meaningful & mindful life beyond the screen .  

Log Out & Tune In is dedicated to help you cope with digital fatigue & social media addiction, while guiding you to develop mindful, meaningful and healthy digital habits to create the life we deserve

Our program, talks, workshops, webinars, articles and resources will help
 you disconnect, dive into yourselves, and reconnect to nature & the world in a conscious way.  



Guide Consciously

to Aspire


Did you know that we spend in average 7 hours per day connected 
and 1 second out of 3 is spent on social media?

Did you know that 1/3 of people feel saddened after using social media?

How can we discover who we are, develop self esteem and feel free of our own choices, if we are constantly under the influence of social media?

Ever wonder why we are all becoming addicted to our phones? Why we feel the need to post and check our social media constantly?


What are we looking for? Connection? Belonging? Love?

Not only does it impact our self confidence, well-being, sleep, health, creativity and productivity, but also through algorithms, social networks and digital marketing, major internet companies are reshaping our personalities and influencing our daily choices! 
We are more than data!
We are Human Beings!
FREE Human Beings. 

Now, imagine a world where we control technology & social media rather than them controlling us! 
Welcome to Log Out & Tune In!

"For super technologies,

we need super consciences."

Pierre Rabhi, French philosopher

Here is our next big cultural challenge:
Raising our consciousness to bring our humanity, authenticity
and mindfulness into our digital world.

Discover our 3 steps to find balance 

with your devices and social media 


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Bring Log Out & Tune In
into your school or business


Give your members the tools to reconnect, re-align and reset. By bringing an uplifting and inspiring workshop, you are cultivating an ethical, meaningful and cooperative environment to develop the mission of your organization. 


Boost productivity, creativity and well-being by creating healthy and mindful digital habits. Not only will you highlight the day of your team and share a unique moment together, but you will also cultivate a meaningful and compassionate company culture.  


Raise awareness in your school around social media addiction and help your students develop healthy, non violent, respectful digital habits. Log out & Tune In offers Pro-Bono talks to public schools in the Miami area & Paris and Ile de France. (Depending on availability). 

Get inspired



We team up with hotels, meditation centers, wellness centers, international events and summits to organize customized experiences and retreats. 


Social media can cause addiction. If you are with your loved ones or outdoors, these moments are precious. Turn off your phone and discover our social media later during your digital curated time :)

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