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Leslie Coutterand 

Founder Log out & Tune in

Former actress, Leslie  is a speaker, producer, entrepreneur and Love advocate. 


As an actress, we have seen Leslie as a lead for 3 seasons on the #1 show in France, Julie Lescaut. She was the lead of the show Déjà Vu on France 2 as well. She co-starred with Stanley Tucci and Henry Winkler in the American movie Larry Gaye (2015). She was also the face of various international cosmetic campaigns, such as Nivea and Head & Shoulders
She also produced for Nuro, SciFuture, Indeed, Google and directed a mini series for BBC 3 called Miss Holland. The series premiered in March 2018.​

Having become a oneness and Love advocate, at 30, Leslie quit acting, and took a turning point in her career to focus on projects that have a positive impact on our society and the planet.

Since then she started a long personal quest and met with spiritual leaders and Tibetan masters in Nepal, India, South East Asia... and Shamans from South America.


Her radical life changes and mindfulness practices provide insights on our vision of success, social conditioning, critical thinking ideology, and our need to belong, connect and Love.

Between 2016 and 2018, she launched 3 national environmental campaigns with iboycott.org and Friend of the Earth calling on major french banks to divest from the DAPL and invest in clean energy.

Leslie gave three TEDx Talks in France and the US, and speaks regularly at international summits about the impact of social and digital conditioning on our personalities & the society, deep ecology and the urgency to reconnect to our fundamentals needs and our true self.

She is the founder and CEO of Log Out & Tune In dedicated to help us free ourselves from the influence of social media and live a meaningful live beyond the screen.


Leslie is currently writing a book on the subject and studies law at Panthéon Sorbonne University.


       Ever wonder why we all are becoming addicted to our phones? Why do we feel the need to post and check our social media constantly? What are we looking for? Connection? Belonging? Love?

      Not only does it impacts our self confidence, well-being, sleep, health, creativity and productivity, but social networks and major internet companies are reshaping our lives and influence our daily choices! We are more than data and algorithms. We shouldn't let them take control of our lives.

       This is why I created LOG OUT & TUNE IN: To help individuals and businesses cultivate new mindful, meaningful, and ethical digital habits. Via our resources, our masterclasses, and our talks, you will learn to use technology consciously without losing your mind or your time!
        I believe inner peace, self love and compassion are the key ingredients for a happy life, and it starts right here: Behind our screens...

 Leslie Coutterand, Founder LOG OUT & TUNE IN

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Leslie give talks and workshops in English and French. She lives between the US and France, and can travel internationally. 

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Social media can cause addiction. If you are with your loved ones or outdoors, these moments are precious. Turn off your phone and discover our social media later during your digital curated time :)

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