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Social and Digital conditioning 


What is it? Conditioning means... Under the influence... It is the result of a culture, an ideology and belief system.  
What does it mean for us? Basically, it's like being hypnotized, without even knowing! 

Social media and big internet companies create needs and desires, to influence our behaviors and therefore reach specific economic goals. The worse you feel, the more you buy. Easy. Remember these beautiful adds, with the perfect family or perfect body or perfect skin... Well they show you what your life could be or should be, instantly you start comparing yourself and think that you should also have the perfect six pack partner, perfect waist, 7 figures pay check and 30 pounds less. Magically they have the solution for you to reach your goals! if you buy their products, cars, medicine... Aren't they lovely? 
No. they are not. They are manipulating you. Making sure you feel less than, making sure you click on the adds, and making sure you buy things you don't need!

It feeds the short term economy, short term corporate revenues, with no understanding on the long term consequences on our society and on us. In business, a company is successful purely based on financial success - the actual human and environmental impact isn’t part of the picture. It is time to change this system. Our choices are ours. With self reflection, self love, meaning and (real connection), we can create a new system. 

our intention is being manioulated by advertizing business model who have acces to your intimicy. 
Wenot only let them in our living room one hour a day, like we used to with TV, but we let them access our conscioussness constantly. They are with us even in the bathroom, thugh our social media

Attention grabing industry : social media and media on internet. 



What is it ? 
Algorithms : In his book The Master Algorithm, Pedro Domingos gives a simple definition: “An algorithm is a sequence of instructions telling a computer what to do.” 

For most people tough, the term algorithm represent the  operations that control our social media news feeds.

Our feeds on Facebook and Instagram, our Google and Amazon search, News site ads and that's just to name a few examples, are all filtered by algorithms.

So what we read, listen to and look at are indirectly chosen for us by programs, computers and tech companies.

The last decade, algorithms took over to serve advertising. That's how our social media platforms generates revenues. For the big internet companies, we are data. Facebook, which has over two billion members, has been accused by some of its employees of manipulating our emotions and decisions. A former Facebook executive said last year in an interview : "Your behavior, you do not realize, is programmed." 

Algorithms help social media and internet companies to get us spend more time on their platform and click on the maximum adds. And this is how we went from connection to profit. And from casual usage to addiction.  

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What is it ? Conditioning means.... Under the influence... Constant need to check our emails, facebook, instagram, 

Counting likes, 
Time ( hr / days) number of time we check our phone 
Phone by the bed. social media company taking advantage of our addiciton. Exemple story about dinner with my parents



the impact of our digital habits on our well-being

Depression, loneliness, self doubt, comparaison, insomnia


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depression and addiction
violence and bullying 
Suicide rates
hormones level
Understanding the impact of our Devices and Social Media
Some statistics to reflect on with the most up to date numbers.


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9 hours / day
waste impact on consuption
68% fo women and 65% of girl who think point to pressure from the media and advertizing to reach unrealistic beauty standards as a driving force for appearence anxiety.
Suicide rates
violence and bullying 
depression and addiction
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hormones level

the world you want with healthy and mindful digital habits.

Finding Balance with Social Media in 3 steps

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understand the impact of social media and internet platform

Take a step back and disconnect 


Practice Self Love and compassion

Understand your Needs and remember who you are

and take time for yoursel

Spend time with loved ones


Respect your Values and us the platforms cousciously 

Curate your Online Time


A few years ago, I made 3 Lists that changed my life! 

The secret wasn't about making a List, or 2, or 3...
We all make lists or plans.

So what in my 3 LISTS made a difference ? 

The 3 simple Lists can help you to : 

Reconnect to your true self, 
Get rid of the BS in your life, 
Find your purpose,
Turn your values into action, 

Be happy, 

Change the world.