Social Media, Self Representation and Us

Updated: Apr 5, 2020


A survey done on 600 adults shows a third of them admit that social media makes them feel bad about themselves. Social media pushes us to idealize the lives of others and amplifies our feeling of not being enough : Not trendy enough, not young enough, not rich enough, not Zen enough, not geek enough, not cool enough, not unique enough...

For me, it has enormously decreased my confidence. I started to do things I don’t even like and wanting things that are the opposite of my values. Facebook and Instagram have been an ego booster.

The photo on the left, which I posted after the last photo shoot that I did 4 years ago, received 461 likes. This image is false. I was made up and hair dressed for more than 2 hours. My skin is retouched. I look sure of myself and sexy, but I was cold. And the only reason I did this shoot was to have a sexy photo to get me attention on Instagram.

The second is a photo that I took 6 months later. I posted it with a text that told the story of this photo. I was in Nepal with an organization. I met this man during a visit to a program against illiteracy. This man, alone, 40 years old, was at the back of the room. He got up, approached the board, and slowly began to write a word. After some time, he turned to us and said: "All my life, I felt stupid. Now I can read and write.”He was asked to write what he preferred. He looked at the word on the board and said, “I can write my name.” In 5 words, this man taught us what humility, courage and determination were.

The sexy picture received 461 likes. This post had 68 likes.

The world around us is conditioning us to assimilate success with appearance, competition, perfection and wealth to the detriment of service, cooperation, altruism, reality and meaning.

What if starting today we use social media for social good ? Let us reflect on the endless possibilities and inspiring things humans are capable of with an open heart.


Social media can cause addiction. If you are with your loved ones or outdoors, these moments are precious. Turn off your phone and discover our social media later during your digital curated time :)

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