Find balance and meaning beyond your screen! 

 Leslie is dedicated to help individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses
and teenagers to find balance and inner peace in the digital age. 

Healthy, mindful, and meaningful habits with social media and smartphones
can improve overall productivity, well-being, sleep, self confidence, creativity
and can even contribute to save our planet. (Yes! I will explain further in a talk)
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Celebrity, selfie-culture, and one’s true self.
"A French TV actress shares her awakening to the truth behind a self-absorbed social media lifestyle."

Talks about Social Media

& Social Conditioning 

Since 2016, Leslie has given three TEDx Talks in France and the United States, both in English and French. She speaks regularly at summits and events about her life amongst the influencers as a successful actress in France and in Hollywood and how she learned to break free from social media conditioning and the endless quest for success.

Her radical life changes and mindfulness practices provide wisdom on social conditioning, social media impact, and our need for cooperation, compassion and Love.


With a blend of humor and vulnerability, Leslie’s talks cause thinking outside the box, inspiring people to take control of their social media usage, reconnect to their true self and turn their values into actions. This is only echoed by the many messages she has received from people thanking her for her talks, while expressing how much it has affected their lives.

The overall response to Leslie’s Tedx talks has only led towards a further dedication to her current path : bringing authenticity, meaning and compassion to this digital age.

Signature talks 

All talks can be adapted to your audience!

Most talks are 45-60 mins. (workshop + Q&A included)

Talks alone : From 10 to 30 minutes.

Leslie can also give a talk similar to her TEDxMarin and her TEDxLimoges. Both are adaptable. 


How to live a balance and meaningful life in the social media era.



In this Digital Age, social media has become part of our daily lives and our smartphone the continuity of our hands.

Through contextual storytelling, the digital landscape is rapidly changing how we live, feel and think.

Constant ads, influencers, friends or strangers’ posts have a deep impact on our health, happiness, and choices.

How can we know our true selves, develop self love and feel supported to make our own choices if we are being constantly conditioned by such addictive media?

With a touch of humor and total vulnerability, Leslie will help us find happiness and harmony in the digital era, and create a balanced, healthy relationship with our “post” and “like” buttons.


This interactive keynote will focus on 3 steps:

Log out 

  • Understanding social media conditioning

  • Discover the long term impact of social media posts, influencers, and ads on our well-being and our society

  • Decode the selfie phenomenon

Tune In 

  • Identify our needs, lacks and childhood wounds and how it translates in our social media usage 

  • Reconnect to ourselves, others and our environment


  • Learn the detox process

  • Create a meaningful personal guide line for a healthy social media usage


Option: Interactive Workshop (15 minutes)

  • Take a deep look at our social media profile, understand the underlying messages behind our posts and discover our level of addiction






How to harness the power of social media for social good.




How can we use the amazing, powerful social media platforms to benefit the world, and avoid the negative impacts that it causes? Is social media just indulgent navel-gazing, or can it be a tool for connecting to a higher purpose? 

This is our next big cultural challenge! Raising our consciousness to bring true mindfulness, connection, and authenticity in our digital world.

We have superpowers in our hands. And now that we understand how the game works, we can play it for “good”:

Promote what we truly love, what we value, what matters and create the world we want to live in. 

This interactive keynote will focus on : 

  • Understanding social media conditioning

  • Discover the long term impact of social media posts, influencers, and ads on ourselves, our society and the planet

  • Decode the selfie phenomenon 

  • Identify our needs, lacks and childhood wounds and how it translates in our social media usage 

  • Create a personal guide line to use social media for social good 

  • Use our Like, Post, Share buttons like super powers


Option : Interactive Workshop (15 minutes )

  • Take a deep look at our social media profile, understand the motives behind people’s posts and discover how to align our own posts with our values


6 reasons to book Leslie 
1. It's timely 
Unless you lived on a desert island with no wifi for the last 20 years, you know what we are talking about!
2. Relatable 
Like many of us, Leslie struggled and lost the control of her life... So if she can take her power back, change her life, and reconnect to her values, so can you!
3. Eye opening 
This is not only between you and your phone anymore...
It is between you and the world!
4. Takes away 
Your audience will leave with their heart full, mind blown
and a plan of action to initiate positive change in their life

5. Customised 
Everyone is different, so is your audience. Leslie will adapt the talks to your guests and make sure to speak with their "words". 
6. Approachable 
Leslie loves talking (obviously) and will be happy to chat with your audience after the event, as long as there are cookies... 
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Leslie gives talks and workshops in English and French. She lives between the US and France, and can travel internationally. 


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